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DPSPlastering provide a local, friendly and reliable plastering service

Q. What is Skimming?
A. Skimming is the final coat plaster usually 2-3mm thick. Areas need 2 coats of this & when dry is ready to be painted.

Q. How long before I can paint my newly plastered wall/Ceiling?
A. There is no exact time scale for this. As soon as the wall/ceiling is dry (turned light pink) you can paint it. A newly plastered area will go dark brown & then light pink when dry. Obviously the warmer the room the quicker the drying out time. Plaster should be left to dry naturally where possible. But generally anything from 2-7 days.

Q. What do I have to do to prepare my room/work area before the plasterers arrive?
A. All areas to be worked on should have all the furniture and fittings removed as much as possible to enable us to have a good working area.

Q. Can you skim over Artex?
A. Yes. This does usually require a little more work, the ceiling/walls may need scraping before plastering, but plastering over artex is not a problem.

Q. Do I have to remove the wallpaper before the walls are plastered?
A. Yes, any type of paper needs to be removed before plastering.

Q. Is there anything I need to do before I paint my newly plastered area?
A. New plaster needs to be sealed before being painted. This can be done with a plaster sealant or watered down emulsion.

Q. What is Floating?
A. Floating is the base coat plaster to be applied on brick/block work prior to skimming. Materials used for this are usually: Bonding, Sand & Cement or Hard Wall.